God’s Dilemna

“Adam, Adam, where are you?”

Mankind, sentenced to death, was a problem for God indeed.  Yet, every problem is a goldmine, with tremendous value to be discovered in the solution.  And this called for a solution of universal proportions.

The fulness of this dilemma in the Garden of Eden, when the one command was broken, has now been realized by all of His creation in our time as mankind failed of the grace of God, and had chosen to fall again.  Now, in His Name, falling so far short of His glory, the Church itself was slaughtering 2/3 of Her children in the womb, unable to mourn, and refusing to blush.

With the salt of the Earth having lost its saltiness, the light of the world having gone dark, the faithful Angels were on the edge of their seats witnessing this drama in Heaven.

  • The Holy Spirit, Who is Wisdom Herself – Sophia, and Lady Justice – The Fairest of Them All,  found the math quite simple.  She calmly insisted upon “eye for eye and tooth for tooth,” the annihilation of ALL flesh of mankind that remained upon the earth.
  • Yashuah, The Messiah, Adonai, The captain of God’s Armies, welcomed Her choice.  He was returning as Bridegroom and King to a rebellious people who had trampled His blood underfoot, and now angrily demanded war.  He wanted to return with all the slaughtered “little ones,” the full grown, armed and able “fetuses,” who were His Reward and handsomely “reward” the people of Earth for their foolish choices to sacrifice God’s children, instead of facing their own responsibility and short-comings to confront the great evil of continuously building within a system based on loving negative, debt-based Money instead of The Loving God who is to be forever praised.
  • Yahuah, The Father, has a heart for many children, and that has certainly not been the heart of His cold, unfeeling, hard-hearted people.  Their hearts were not at all like what he found in Abram, His faithful friend, who believed having children without number was a blessing indeed.  He believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness, when the ONLY thing He wanted in this world was children.  It now seemed that to save His children, God’s only other choice would be to abolish the law altogether, risking complete chaos and the spread of Death throughout the universe.  Yet, He is a God of Love and order, and so Death and chaos is not His desire at all.  There was silence in Heaven, as He seemed to ponder Earth’s fate in the tabernacle of Testimony, tasting of the cup of His wrath, drawn from the very lifeblood of mankind whom he had both made and redeemed through the blood of His only begotten Son.

What is Yahuah, God going to choose at the time of full harvest of Death in the Earth? Either He loves ALL of His children as much as the unborn child, the “little ones,” (or fetuses in Latin), or He loves us ALL as little.  In either case, it seems the human race is doomed, with every reason to despair, constrained to believe God does not really love us at all.  Unless, He has some unforeseen plan…