Dear Pastor: Flee Babylon – NO MORE 501c3 unprofitable servants

Let the fear of the LORD now enter your heart as the beginning of Wisdom: 2/3 of the fetuses “little ones” are sacrificed in the womb, in your churches, and you DID NOT plead their case to WIN it.  Instead, you sought your own success in the visible world you counted more precious and important than these little ones (over 300 million children sacrificed within the United States since 1973 alone), whose small beginnings you foolishly despised, as less important than your self.  You have NOT known the Victory, Who is Christ Jesus, but served earthly wisdom, as did Ahab & Jezebel and loved your own selfish Pride, Money, and the sacrifice of God’s children as a result.

Feeling it better that you experience earthly “health, wealth & prosperity,” and be spared the discomfort of persecution and living godly in this present age, you offered the unholy sacrifice of these children in your stead.

I am prepared to hand out a guilty verdict, on your behalf, and by my authority from The Bridegroom and King, Yashuah, without your testimony.  “I NEVER knew you.”  You are still in “the books” but are NOT written in The Book of Life.

May your money perish with you.

How do you plead?

“The Least in the Kingdom”
“He who overcomes” through Christ in me, in Rev. 2,3,6,12 & 21.
Heir of ALL things.
Joe Wright