In the Beginning

In the Beginning, Trinity spoke forth The Infinite Name of God, where the Solution to any and every problem that could ever exist would be found.
And as a result, in order to test, approve, demonstrate and put on full display the very good, fully pleasing, and fool-proof perfection of Their intended purpose and plan, the Heavens and the Earth were created.

With The Expressed Name of God being sent from Heaven to Earth, The Expressed Name of God then returned, echoing from Earth to Heaven and sat in His place, at the right hand of The Father, until the times of the restoration of all things.

There, He experienced the satisfaction of perfect rest, having done all things well, making Him able to laugh at the days to come, enjoying His place as firstborn, watching over His New Creation. His rest, was a rest full of confidence in His Victory, and with great anticipation for the day every eye would see Him. But first, the creatures would be earnestly and fervently groaning in desire, expectation and in very great suspense for His glorious triumphant return to the place where the Victory had been won.

Yet Trinity did not rest, at least not until after overcoming through experiencing for Themselves great warfare, mourning, sorrows, suffering, pain, guilt, shame, and ultimately death. It was in this way, They were achieving great glory, honor, and loyalty as Their Elegant Solution solved everything, barely, and just in time, and just as They promised. Whew!!! (or so it seemed…)

The Rest is His Story, about an ancient problem every leader faces: rebellion. And this was no small rebellion as things had gone, well, let us say, they had gone from bad to worse until they were simply and completely out of control.

Bad will, false accusations, and evil intent had infiltrated every part of the universe, spreading even into the throne room of Trinity, The Maker of the heavens and earth. And the very fabric of all creatures great and small was filled with fear and apprehension, as this defiant rebellion had spread like a plague, with no obvious solution in sight. In light of these circumstances, could anyone truly believe a solution really existed?

The center of the war was about to take place deep in Enemy territory, on a planet called Earth. This battle was about to be fought in a dark and fallen world, filled with hardened criminals.

These were incurably rebellious creatures, psychopathic killers, beyond all feelings of compassion, who had now become desperately condemned and were soon to be mercilessly broken down and trampled by Heaven’s forces.

Yet, as we will see, the rebellion was not yet to be crushed, not by any observable standard at all. It’s leader, blinded by rage, filled with envy, hatred, and every evil intent, had sworn to be defiant to the end. This was no idle threat, as his proud defiance was one promise the Enemy always seemed not only able to keep, but also to keep spreading throughout the universe.

The Maker, Trinity, seemed so slow to respond to Enemy threats, whose followers were increasing in number quickly, gathering strength and momentum in step with him. They were inspired by his determination to succeed, his ability to survive, and deluded by his provisions ahead of time on the promises he made, not accounting properly for the price they were being required to pay over time.

And so, as they had seen in the past, they expected in the future, the inevitable success of the rebellion in the long run. What was The Maker going to be able to do that They had not done already, that could and would restore order to everything, after all this time, against this obviously determined and seemingly insurmountable foe?

… That’s when She stepped into the scene. Heavenly Wisdom, Lady Justice, The Holy Spirit, The Eyes of The LORD, The Helper coming to Earth, to see for Herself the state of mankind. Every time She reveals herself, She is a real game changer. Whether She comes to inflict pain or pleasure, every time she appears, She causes us to tremble in Her presence.

And, in Truth, what sweet and wonderful Beauty She is to behold, whether in Justice or in Grace. Such Wisdom is to be desired. She is more precious than Gold!

As She unveils herself a little more, we behold Her Majestic Beauty, and everything within us shakes up a bit, and through purifying us, our bodies literally become Her temple, even to the point that the physical world around is shaken as a result. (Earthquake anyone? {Hades’} Haiti’s capitol building January 2010.)

When She comes as Lady Justice, let’s just say “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” But, when she comes in great delight, who among mankind can endure such pleasure, without experiencing rapture and entering into Paradise?

Predicting the outcome got a lot more difficult for all of God’s creatures as a result. This would call for further study, a second look. It seems a trap had been set. Yes, daylight had begun to appear. A day had come. A day like no other. The Solution came with Her, like a Thief in the night, and left with the keys to the place, and now was coming and going with all authority, methodically marching, taking territory at will… But how?

This had proven to be the fastest takeover of nations in the history of the universe. The Lamb, looking as if it had been killed, had overcome at The End, even while John wept and wept in Heaven. If you slept, or so much as blinked, then you missed it. God had spoken already: so it was written, and so it was done…

And God said, “Let there be light” and in the twinkling of His eye, with a smirk on His face, “there was Light.” The true light had appeared that shattered the darkness, in the fallen Earth at The Beginning, and in the fallen creatures made from the dust of the earth at The End.

Somewhere in between, He won it all through the beauty of innocence overwhelming the ugliness of human brutality inflicted on the naked body of The Innocent Man.  Through Yashuah, the Solution of Yahuah, the willing sacrificed Lamb became the bleeding, suffering and dying son of man, who surrendered His soul in a garden, and His body and Spirit on a tree.

Nothing could stop Him then. The Resurrection of the only begotten Son of The Father and Mother, was simply an echo, a reflection of The Light within. A Roman spear had proven His right to inherit all things, in the Father’s patience and in agreement with The Mother’s desire to see all the children carved on the palm of Her hand, Yashuah Adonai, sat at the right hand of The Most High, waiting to behold the beauty of The Bride in the Earth, in the fullness of time.

And everything that had breath praised the LORD!!!

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