Letter in Little Scroll



But just a little more on righteousness:

“unrighteousness” is the opposite of the faith of Abram that was credited as righteousness, the faith that believes unlimited children are a blessing, and the ONLY blessing he wanted in complete and pleasurably unity of faith with The Father heart of God. Genesis. 15:1-6

This same faith is necessary to be co-heirs with Christ in the promises of God in Abraham, and to leave the place of child sacrifice, whether Ur of the Chaldeans, or Gehenna, and look for the city with foundations whose builder and Maker is The Lord.
Ps. 127

Cleansing of ALL unrighteousness is necessary to become pure in heart and see God, and when we see Him we will be like Him, to love our enemies, and see His grace reach the heavens. Haggai 2:6-7

Along the way, from cold hearted psychopaths, who don’t care either for innocent little children, or condemned fallen angels, we pass inevitably through the very distasteful “lukewarm” stage. (There is much hidden Manna there.). Not useful any longer as brute instinct cannibals, and as “food for the gods,” (see birds of the air in the explanation of the parable of sower & great supper of God in Rev. 19) nor mature yet as lovers of God, but certainly children of YHWH, for He has a heart of pure gold, with absolutely no desire to eat His children.

That is what the Baals do, clearly displayed in Molech & Chemosh, even counting “holy” the urine and feces produced by eating the sacrifices made to them. Yet blaming our Father in Heaven for their vile practices. Even worse, the epoch of Gilgamesh, and early Sumerian writings accuse Him, YHWH, of hating mankind and even the sound of our intimate pleasure.
Thus Jesus taught the disciples to pray “Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your Name…”
And the Holy City, The New Jerusalem, is The Bride of Christ, the beloved lover of God. “…Your kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Now, let’s deal with taxation, understanding that Life and Liberty are not opposed, and that to know their fusion will require the experiencing that Liberty and 100% discipleship are not contradictory, but rather Liberty is purchased through exchange of the fallen nature (slavery to sin), to receive the Divine nature, first experiencing the surrendered death of self will… Ahem: taxation:

– “Leaders” who use a judicial and/or monetary value system that represents
THEIR PEOPLE to be worthless, or even less than nothing (liabilities represented by a negative value and/or as “non-persons”) are NOT defending THEIR PEOPLE and Need to be ashamed of themselves. Thank God that is the purpose of the Lake of Fire. For mankind and the leaders they have chosen for themselves to stand ashamed, and naked before God.

Replacing “Them,” either the leaders, “the people,” or the “value systems”
is just a matter of time, and Providence. A peaceful transition for ALL requires unselfish Wisdom from above – The Tree of Life. –

” ‘They’ say: ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ — Oh, really? Paper currency does, and the rest is made from thin air as often as ‘they’ wish in the form of Electronic Bank Transfers.” — Joseph David Wright

“The leaves of the Tree will be for the healing of the nations. And there will no longer be any curse.” — Revelation 22

“All the nations are like nothing before him. “They” are regarded by him as less than nothing, and meaningless.” and yet: “Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.” — Isaiah 40, 60

“All day long, we are counted as sheep to be slaughtered.” — Paul — “But for you who revere My Name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves.” — Malachi

“Where your treasure is your heart will be also. And the meek shall inherit the Earth.” — Jesus

“So, how much does it cost to raise a child?” A recent advertisement by a major liabilities insurance company placed the cost to raise a child at about $235,000.00. NO VALUE was given to the child in this advertisement.

But children, and ALL people have value, don’t they? Before we answer this question, let’s educate ourselves on the money we use every day: The U.S. Dollar (which is “debt-based,” meaning it) is intentionally made as a debt that cannot be paid in full within the system, because of the “usury” or “interest” that is charged for each dollar that is made.

If we miss the crucial step – valuing humans (and we have) – we find ourselves eerily looking, and soonafter tumbling into the Abyss, the world of increasing negative values (and that is how we ARE devalued by the “powers that be”), and an ever-increasing problem like the one we now face with the U.S. Dollar, and by extension, all who are connected to this global economy.

The U.S. Dollar is a form of currency that is not simply risky to use, but it is unavoidably destructive to the people captured by it. It’s destructive influence spreads in concentric circles quickly to those who are militarily, financially, agriculturally, or in other ways impacted strongly by those who manage this debt – usually “the taxman” or “debt collector.” The U.S. dollar is a game of Russian roulette, musical chairs, etc., designed to create losers, who lose at the cost of their lives, their fortunes, their freedom, their sacred honor. It makes unredeemable criminals of us all, simply through the creation of debt that is unpayable. That’s right, a “Dollar,” made as debt, can NEVER be paid back in full. And the poor are always with us, and the weak, and indefensible suffer and die.

This debt in the stage of collection, due to “usury” or “interest,” rhythmically, hypnotically, almost imperceptively, destroys the bottom of it’s systematic “pyramid.” Slowly, steadily and continuously, debts can’t be fully paid by one group or person, within the system – beginning with the “third world countries” and extending up the latter to the poor, defenseless or needy within each society.

This fact of inevitable bankruptcy is easily masked and dismissed as simply poor judgment shown by the foolish behavior of the borrower. But reality dictates that if all borrowers behaved equally, the outcome would be the same: “insufficient funds.”

Debts must always be paid by someone, after all, and as the global currency, this powerful, predatory influence is felt by everyone in the entire world.

Using debt-based currency is why there is always a debt crisis going on in one nation or another, and why deep cycles of recession and depression are felt throughout the world, with endless heartache and misery filling our news headlines, dulling our senses decade after decade.

No matter how many well meaning programs are designed to help the poor, none of them will stem the tide of poverty, as the debt currency system itself, by it’s very nature, creates poverty globally, night and day, transferring wealth from the bottom of the pyramid steadily upward. The poor are always with us within this system.

Jesus spoke of this system when He was washing His disciples feet, and showed the only way out was through true service, not just calling yourself a Benefactor, as the oppressive Kings of the Gentile nations do (the Ford Foundation, or Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, or Rockefeller Foundation, or Oprah, or the “Faith Based” 501c3 “churches” & “ministries,” or non-profit Non-Governmental Organizations, etc. used to pacify the masses of people today).

Most of us were told in our youth that “money doesn’t grow on trees,” and “you can’t make money out of thin air,” but absurdly, these are lies, hiding the actual facts that are so elegantly denied.

The U.S. dollar is literally “created from thin air” (initiated by Electronic Bank Transfers, which take place between the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Government) and a small portion is printed on paper that “grows on trees,” with no stable foundation, as our “money” is simply debt. It does not value people, but rather looks at people as liabilities.

This bears repeating: We, as people, are looked at not simply as valueless, but worse, we are assessed as liabilities instead – literally considered to be worth less than nothing within the value system we use every day.

This accounting goof, as you might imagine, is a serious problem, for us – “We the people of the United States of America…,” as we and our children are literally sold as slaves “in security”, or as guarantors of this debt every time a dollar is made. The IRS is just one avenue used to ensure that we pay this debt in full (low bid contracts on our national resources: minerals, natural gas, etc. are another way debts can be paid)…

… now back to the original question: “How much does it cost to raise a child?

The real question should be: “How much is a child worth?”

For argument’s sake, let us say a new system is enacted, and a child is assigned a value equal to one share of voting stock, as much as every other person in the U.S., from the moment of maternity (or implantion in the mother’s womb).

Let’s call this value one million American Dollars. (later, in another article, we will more accurately assign value based on wealth hidden in the earth, sky, seas, streams, the living creatures entrusted to man, and also in all aspects of the financial system, the government, and it’s properties.

“We the people” would then have both the vote and financial ownership in our country.

If our value system reflected this simple and understandable amount as a basis for each human being, and women were given the purse strings (Proverbs 31) not only for themselves, but also for the children in their care, the world would, in time, become a Paradise again.

“When is a child considered a child?” – The importance of setting aside all arguments over Roe. V. Wade, and the solution that settles the matter once and for all.

If we want to help the poor,
we must choose to empower women and children to OWN the Federal Reserve (that is where poverty worldwide is created artificially, and manipulated) and restore value to humanity, by giving everyone an equal vote and financial share in ownership from the Moment Of Maternity.

Female reproductive rights are to be solidly based in eminent domain, as opposed to de-personhood of unborn human children, the huge error of Roe v Wade.

“Each mother, regardless of her age, must be free to make her own decisions, financially and legally protected from exploitation and coercion at the moment of maternity.”

Rocognizing the child’s full “person-hood” value at the moment of maternity, and giving the additional vote to her mother, will give Mom what she needs to protect both her liberties and the welfare of her child, at her personal discretion, and in her pursuit of happiness, without coercion of those around her.

Overnight, the “abortion industry” would collapse, by the desire for children in faith that springs from reason for Hope that every child is going to be provided for, without punishing mom, but rather rewarding, strengthening and commending her appropriately for choosing life.

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