7 Steps to Humility, 2 Steps to Liberty

The old Heavens and old Earth and their wicked ways are going to be baptized with fire, and NEVER rise again. As the Son of God was sacrificed once and for all, so too, all of child sacrifice is doomed to annihilation.

“When is a child considered a child?” – The importance of setting aside all arguments over Roe. V. Wade, and the solution that settles the matter once and for all.

If we want to help the poor,
we must choose to empower women and children to OWN the Federal Reserve, (that is where poverty worldwide is created artificially, and manipulated, and where we MUST go to end these things), restoring value to ALL of humanity, by giving every one an equal vote and financial share in ownership from the Moment Of Maternity.

Female reproductive rights are to be solidly based in eminent domain over her body, and all who live in her, as opposed to the corrupt and tragic de-personhood of unborn human children (and by extension all of mankind) the huge error of Roe v Wade.

“Each mother, regardless of her age, must be free to make her own decisions, financially and legally protected from exploitation and coercion at the moment of maternity.”

Rocognizing the child’s full “person-hood” value at the moment of maternity, and giving the additional vote to her mother, will give Mom what she personally needs to protect both her individual liberties and the welfare of her child, at her personal discretion, and in her pursuit of happiness, without coercion of those around her.

Overnight, the “abortion industry” would collapse, by the desire for children being restored in faith that springs from reason for Hope that every child is going to be provided for, without punishing mom, but rather rewarding, strengthening and commending her appropriately for choosing life.

Who would possibly have the Wisdom, power and authority to enact this new financial system?
This would undoubtedly require a conqueror bent on conquest, an overcomer with authority of Biblical proportions.

Well… I happen to know some people who hold every day in their hands physical evidence of such authority. My wife and I hold the evidence that I won the Christian race, and overcame.

Heaven has so approved of our lives together, in that we hold no love for money, or even our own hopes and dreams, that we were rewarded the copyright on the opening chapters of the King Jesus Bible. And the closing book of the Bible, Revelation prophecies this would happen at the judgment!!! Jesus prophecied of this when He said “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

Only one would be found worthy to open “The Biblion” at the end of the ages…

Through “The Little Bible” of Genesis 1&2, spoken of both specifically and generally in Revelation 6, 10, 14 & 20 that pays full respect to the Genealogical record of Jesus Christ in Genesis 2, (and does not treat the account of Adam and Eve like a meaningless old wives tale as Paul warned us), Victory in Christ throughout the earth becomes rapid and undeniable.

The Eternal Gospel, holding out Hope for those condemned already, is brought from Heaven, yet not without great fear of God and desperate urgency, and bitter concerns at the tangible evidence of the fast-closing end of time, as there is indeed going to be “Hell to pay” for the great sacrifice of children already underway, and the length of time the “cow-herds” have clung tightly to their old, merciless, and terrible system of population control that paid for false prosperity through the spilling of blood of billions of innocent children.  7 Steps to Humility, 2 Steps to Liberty (9pp)

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