Awakening to Desire


How much more should our passion be for Christ than a bride for her lover. This image is a mere shadow representation of the reality of insatiable desire that is in store for the Body & Bride of Christ.  We refuse this only because of the hardness of our hearts, avoiding the reality of the depth of our sinfulness, and in deep confusion, thinking we were anything like Him in Wisdom, Understanding, and Holiness, as we were slaughtering 2 out of 3 of God’s children in the womb without compassion, empathy or even a commitment to acquire a basic desire to gain Understanding of the slander of God in Their seeming lack of care or ability to care for us, Their creation in our resignation to defeat in acceptance of this “social issue.”

Is there anything about increasingly, relentlessly, purposefully and passionately “making love and babies” instead of “making debt and war” that you find undesirable?  (See Global Solutions) Truly, we had been handed over to laws that were not good, that sin would increase, and our need for the forgiveness of our Savior would become clear to us.  Our fear of God, Death & Judgment had left us in an immature state of being, yet in Christ alone, we had tangible evidence, the only unshakable reason for Hope, which springs into true Faith and Love.  Forgiveness, Desire, and Delight in God is indeed Their good pleasure and will toward us, and to be expressed through us toward each other, in Spirit, Soul & Body.   When Christ is lifted up, through the Gospel that reaches from Paradise to Judgment (Rev. 14:6-7), as a tree planted by rivers of water, He will draw all men unto Himself, “capillary effect,” as mankind is brought to escape corruption and participate in the Divine nature [through the Sexuality of God in the revealed Trinitarian nature – similar to water: H(2)O, with Heavenly Wisdom, The Female Holy Spirit, present at creation, and forever surrounded by unselfish passionate love, being the Female “object” of immense, even crushing, sizzling, passionate desire of 2 co-equal Males. As a result of this knowledge of God, male pride will be dealt a severe correction, as unbounded relationships will develop with increasing delight built from Heaven down as open relationships based on 3 or more individuals, who themselves are Spirit, Soul & Body.  As we are becoming sanctified temples as individuals, we are being made together into one Holy Temple, acceptable in Their sight, and as living sacrifices, leaving our old covenants, bearing children instead of sacrificing them, caring for the widows and orphans in every way [i.e. from financial to sexual needs] that we may be sanctified and holy, pure of heart, able to see and hear God, to know what is good, pleasing and perfect in Their eyes.

We will leave behind our old and fallen ways, short of God’s Glory, as “her desire will be for her husband” (singular) “and he will rule over you” was part of the curse of Eve after the fall. It is through this growing, unselfish pleasure within the plans God has for us, pulsing in and through the veins of the Body & Bride of Christ at the end of time, and that reaches to the ends of the Earth, that Christ, the great physician, heals himself, preventing the untimely demise of His flesh on the cross as He, by His soul, transcended time and space, and identified with all our misery, and carried on in complete control, as the High Priest in the order of Melchizedek, choosing the timing, managing the pain, vital signs and body fluid levels, etc., of His own physical death, having the power to lay His life down and raise it up again, even under the crushing agony of the weight of our sin.

Yes, He managed his own pain relief, through the joy that was set before Him in us, the innumerable children as the stars of the sky – the unshakable promise given to Abram (Heb. 6 & Gen. 15)!!!  “Only together with us would the promises be made perfect.”  We too will be drawn in to participate in both His suffering and in His pleasure that ultimately culminates in both His resurrection and ascension, and, yes, by The Way, through Him, accomplishes ours as well!!!  Selah…

Awakening to a New Day” 8 pp self cover is from Ending Hell, Death & Taxation, ALL Before Breakfast. This section is a gentle introductory vision of inspiration & expectation, as we awaken to Their Holy Desire of super intimate relations between mankind and God, experienced through the continuously-growing, orgasmic-throbbing increase of our experience in God of Forgiveness, Desire and Delight, until we ascend into our New bodies equipped for desire and delight alone, naked and unashamed in oneness with God.  Never to mourn, suffer or die again.

As mankind grows in maturity as The Body & Bride of Christ in The Earth, we are drawn upward in desire to experience God’s intense and unyielding intention to consume all of us with Their love.  Through the increasing revelation of our great guilt before God, before whom all of creation is laid bare, we are drawn closer and closer, helplessly into Their presence, helpless to escape their gaze, as They probe the secret places of our beings, both soul and body, as we stand in open nakedness and shame before Them.

It is in the light of Their Glory, we are drawn helplessly into Their presence to become overwhelmed by our shame, and yet persistently, rhythmically wooed, and intensely, propelled forward from within.  Their infinite mercy and passion for us revealed in Christ and God, refuses to release us from their magnetic drawing into Their Holy presence.  This dance between God and mankind will continue, until we, Their inheritance, each in our own turn, are ultimately cleansed inside and out.  We will be brought organically together, as we are responding to Their probing and leading.


The covenant with death annulled, and women, in fullness of Wisdom, passionately desiring their inheritance of being desired, filled and fulfilled by more than one husband/man, we are no longer closed off from each other by self-centered, limited relationships, but rather, we will escape the corruption of this world through ever increasing exploration of & participation with pleasure in the Divine Nature of unselfish Trinitarian love.  With increasing variety, and greater oneness, without shame, fear or guilt, we will in joyful restoration with our Savior, bring healing and resurrection power to His suffering body in the midst of His misery on the cross where He bore our sins, to the point where His suffering ends, and Resurrection and Ascension begins.

Ultimately, our groans of misery behind us, all tears wiped away, we will become a sea of humanity, amidst great angelic beings, experiencing together the delight of The Divine orgasm by the Presence of Christ Himself dwelling in us more and more.  As Their presence and Pleasure increases within us, They will be cleansing us through and through of our judgments of God, and producing our fruitful response, in surrendered passion that the Generation Not Yet Created would be conceived.  These, too are the sons of glory, children whose lips were ordained for praise, that they too will grow and join our great chorus and ever increasing groans of grateful delight – Yes, Lord!  Yes, Lord, Yes! Even so come Quickly, our Bridegroom, Our Love.  May your suffering with and for mankind end and your joy be full, and your passion fulfilled, your Father and Mother’s house filled with every good thing, with groans of pleasure instead of the pain in the suffering of the sacrifice of Their only begotten Son.  (Luke 1:35 & Ephesians 5:31-32)


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