Global $olution

Making Love & Happiness without limits through Valuing Every Child – past, present & future…

Instead of Making Endless War & Suffocating Misery through the creation of Unpayable Debt$

Fixing the problem of our Treasury Bond System, is to remove ancient corruption in our trade practices (Ezekiel 28) and is both necessary and primary in the pursuit of happiness. The correct handling of financial systems to support and promote individual liberties, to provide the resolve to handle the world’s problems through proper nourishment of the whole person, without prejudice, from conception onward, much as properly watering a plant at it’s roots, results in optimal growth, leading ultimately to healthy forests, etc.

ENDING TAXATION: “And The meek shall inherit the Earth.” (For the U.S. we would enact “The New American Dollar Equal Rights Amendment.”

In Each Nation, Every Citizen MUST BE ISSUED EQUAL SHARES of STOCK totaling 100% ownership in ALL THE COMPONENTS of the Financial System, as WE and OUR CHILDREN are financially responsible for ALL leaks, currently called “DEBT,” within the system, at the end of the day.

The components of the Financial System include, but may not be limited to the following factors:

  1. the Reserve Board issuing the currency in exchange for bonds.
  2. the Government and its Owned Properties which will be used to value the currency:
    • buildings, equipment, land, resources, and real property of the region issuing the currency,
    • access rights to all the resources, water, oil, natural gas, coal, precious metals, stones, etc. 10 feet beneath and below the ENTIRE REGION issuing the currency,
    • appropriately valued clear air, water, land, trees, wild species, (both specially protected and plentiful) and other environmental values to be determined on agreements between local and regional authorities in the area covered by the currency.

Every 7 years, ALL values will be reset based upon regularly updated census reports and ALL debts will be nullified, and stock re-issued based upon new data. During each 7 year period, each person, or their parent/guardian, from the age of conception until natural death, will have access to their own shares in the region in which they live for purposes of borrowing up to 50% of the value of their individually owned stock. The represenatative government will also have the right to borrow up to 50% of the value of the Citizen Owned stock, for purposes of funding proper use of government operations, including management and involvement in stimulating and expanding investment in the overall economy.

ALL other methods of taxation will cease within the region, while tariffs may be placed on trade from other regions to provide balance and protection opportunities to smaller regions and for regions to develop their own unique sets of priorities.

The problems of the world will be solved progressively & organically as each individual is liberated & equipped to pursue happiness serving God in light of their own conscience, instead of being held captive in a deceptive, usurious monetary system of decreasing supply, i.e. “increasing debt-unpayable.”

Financing will occur naturally as streams of finances arise capillary effect throughout the world. The directions the finances flow will be both unified and as diversified as the direct expression of the life needs, desires & lifestyle priorities of individuals, families, businesses, communities & their governments, elegantly distributes through each person’s individual life choices, whatever their position in life, who is finally, permanently & rightfully valued as a unique human being.

The unshakable foundation of society is the recognition that all persons are Divinely Chosen to be living on Earth during their time in space & history, from the moment of maternity, until their time of departure, regardless of individual life choices, past, present, or future.

As we come to value ourselves, and each other more highly, we will beat our swords into plowshares & study war no more, as we are restored to health in our souls in sympathy & empathy toward one another & begin to grow in understanding that we ALL have too much to lose from such senseless destructive attitudes and behaviors.

Instead, we, with Yashuah, will gladly be about our Father’s business, as He made all things for Their pleasure. And He who gave up His own Son, much more also, along with Him, now abundantly shares with us all things.

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