Poor Moses! Did Anyone Take Him Seriously?

Inspired by a “Facebook” letter to Rabbi Ron Goldberg

And a loving tip of the cap to our dear, mentally challenged, friend M____ Edens, who faithfully laughed at me day to day, in the mid-1990’s. Always to my surprise and wonder, she would stomp her foot and exclaim: “Poor Joe!!! Ha, Ha, Ha!” I will always wonder if she could possibly have known how utterly hilarious the secret joke was, as indeed her last name contained an important Key to unlocking the Gospel to the Nations.

You’ve Gotta Feel Sorry for Moses, Did We Think He Stuttered When He Wrote?

Nobody Ever Took Him Seriously — Maybe it’s because the Holy Spirit pushed that shy man onto the world stage, and forced him to write “(Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.)” — Moses — Numbers 12:3

And that wasn’t the last time the Creator embarrassed him publicly.  Remember the Mount of Transfiguration?  There Moses was with Jesus and Elijah, their clothes shining radiant as the sun, Peter, James and John watching in awe. Peter was finally paying him some respect, wanting to build some tabernacles, when BOOM!, a voice speaking from the Majestic Glory came through, shooting all that down to heck: “This is my beloved Son, listen to Him!”  as Moses and Elijah just evaporated from the scene.  Since then, has any Christian or Jew (other than me) ever really taken Moses seriously, or Elijah for that matter? I mean, look at what Moses has to say about the creation account, right there in The Beginning?!

Does anybody take both accounts seriously enough to read them, never-mind to realize that there are even two differing accounts before, of course, they explain one of them away? If they did, then any Rabbi would understand that Moses testimony clearly states that Adam was made before the plants, in Moses’ genealogical account in chapter 2. But who speaks of this besides me?

See for yourself, no kidding!

See for yourself, no kidding!


Has anybody but me had the gall to believe Moses, to break the Torah, and the entire history of Judeo-Christian tradition by teaching the crazy idea of taking Moses literally? “Oh, miracle of miracles, God no!!! That would be like dividing the Red Sea!”  (I had a brother and his wife BOTH lose their gall bladders over all this uproar of believing God and Moses.  They were “concerned” for my health, “Gasp” believing such things, “Good Gawd!?”  When I felt their kindness was being expressed in such cruelty, the Proverb could be taken seriously: “The kindest acts of the wicked are cruel,” and “an undeserved curse returns upon the sender.”  What a serious sense of humor God has!)

Well, guys, maybe I should be saying “let my people go,” or “come out of her my people,” but who really wants to deal with all that “complaining in the wilderness.” Not me, I can certainly tell you that.

Did you know Moses was the first one to break the 10 commandments? Oh yeah. Moses was so mad, he smashed the tablets God wrote on and broke them beyond repair. What excuse could he possibly have for such madness? Who would ever listen to the man without smirking after that stand-up comedy routine? But don’t take my word for it. It’s all there in black and white in the Torah: “When Moses approached the camp and saw the calf and the dancing, his anger burned and he threw the tablets out of his hands, breaking them to pieces at the foot of the mountain.” — Exodus 32:19

Yet, somehow, through it all, I learned to trust in Jesus – The Lamb, and I learned to trust in God. And so, I counted Moses’ witness so valuable, yes, I must confess that I stumbled, and “gasp!,” actually became broken, believed his testimony, without trying to “explain it away.” In July 2010, how could I have ever known the mess I was getting myself into for making such a “foolish mistake”? Oh, the hornets’ nest I had just swatted, the friends I had lost and the Truth I had confirmed!!! I discovered to my amazement, an ancient treasure, or better yet, The Cornerstone of Scripture, an untouched tomb filled with relics that revealed Moses himself was testifying once again to the nations at The End of time:

  • revealing Yashuah, the Messiah 7 or 8 times in the first verse – Genesis 1:1, [if you believe the first things God said to Job]
  • revealing the promise of The Eternal Gospel to Lucifer by Gen 1:3 https://makeahighwayforgod.wordpress.com/the-restoration…/
  • revealing God forming Adam on Day 3, and
  • revealing Eve on Day 6 in the promise of The Bride and in the image of God, the Holy Spirit, female.

But then again, was any Christian pastor going to appreciate the findings, and the challenges he would face, if he came to accept the testimony of Moses? Were they looking for The “Elijah who comes and will restore ALL things,” or the “grace to be revealed at the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,” or that someone could actually win the Christian race (snicker, snicker), and become the first of “Christ in us, the Hope of Glory?” Or were the Christian leaders just, looking to be the one that the sheep would come to and support with their tithes and offerings? Would they be excited at the discovery, and justly so, or simply shaken up, wanting me to just go away? After all, that old Jewish Quaker, Haggai, “the shaking prophet,” had warned us all about this in chapter 2, verse 6.

(and what happens next in verse 7,8 & 9, is a REAL riot, MORE glory in the latter temple than that of Solomon’s Temple “when ‘The Desired of the Nations’ appears,” Ha! There is NO POSSIBLE WAY to take that seriously!!!! …Ewww, now wait, that’s messy… Haggai does mention Day 3, doesn’t he: “dry land and sea?” But let’s simply ignore this, sweeping that under a magic carpet. Maybe it’ll go away, along with Rev. 14:6-8 which mentions The Eternal Gospel of The Maker of… “seas” and “streams” referring to BOTH of Moses’ “differing” creation accounts, and, umm, Babylon falling, … shhhh!)

Or, was a Rabbi ever really expecting Elijah at the celebration of Passover, or the circumcision of a child, or to attend a celebration of Shabbat? Of course not!!! Where would a life-long Protestant like me get such an idea? Next, I might reach out to Catholics, and say I saw an apparition of Mary as well… psshaww! Or worse yet, reach out to Muslims and realize that Abraham actually sacrificed Ishmael, or to polyamorists, and see Abraham had more than one wife, and Sarah had more than one husband! Were they all blessed? “No, but stop asking questions!!! Where would it all END!!!?” [“Praise God and pass the ammunition”– Boy, for the sake of my sons, I sure hope this bracket is a joke, or at least that this humor helps to skip the absolutely needless war stuff.]

All together now: “Tradition! Tradition!” “Right? Eh? … Tradition???”

Of course, maybe it’s just me, because, I’m also such a fool, that I actually responded to the call of discipleship and left everything to follow Jesus when I was 19, and received the Father’s heart in return, a love for all the children of the world. Leaving all else so many times, I guess I got myself so lost by the time I was 42, that I found to my surprise that when Jesus cried out “Eli Eli!” He was actually calling for somebody. (It took me years to wake up and realize He had called for me even after I experienced this January 8, 2010.)


While He was Just, hanging there on the cross… He wasn’t joking. He was serious about it!!! He stole my heart, literally and dragged me back in time, to Himself, into His body, and caused me to dangle there like a rag doll, looking out His eyes, uncertain of what He was doing. But as He smirked, I started, just started to get a sense of His humor, His joy set before Him…

And Kim (my bride) is my witness, I was called to this office of “The Elijah” (eerily reminiscent of the movie “The Santa Clause”) when I was 19, but never took it so seriously as to ever try to make it happen, thanks to a God-given gift through elders who actually laid hands on me and warned me not to “try to make it happen.” (In other words, do not be foolish and fall under witchcraft’s spell by mixing “The Puritan Work ethic” with Christianity. see Gal. 3:1-6)

Naïve as I was, I trusted Paul’s advice to rely on the Holy Spirit for real miracles, of which I experienced a few, but not too many. I guess, if I had relied on human effort, I never would have succeeded, at, well, … at going “back to the future,” to become “the world’s biggest loser,” — praying the worst possible prayer at the worst possible moment, and thereby winning the Christian race, the way any serious theologian would have predicted: by coming in last place, right?


Then, I guess, we’d all be in some “deep doo-doo,” or “voo-doo,” in this helluva place of outer darkness that God made for hypocrites. God sure has a sense of humor he shows to those actors:)

[Look at the shadow figures He created, as He used me like a “voo-doo” doll, and what He did to “Hades gates” on Jan. 12, 2010, while I was Just, minding His own business, interceding for 4 hours regarding the desire for sin in this world, as He destroyed a nation for making a pact with Satan, a couple short days after seeing The End of All Things. I had no idea.]

Yet, once again, who ever thought that actually valuing a child in dollars would make sense? And to do this, while honoring and empowering the decision maker (mom), we might actually find the key to healing the human heart, and heal the corrupt desire for child sacrifice, as the leaves of the tree (paper currency) become the source of healing for the nations? Rev 22:7-8

IF we actually had the audacity to value children, arming them from the moment of maternity, with both value and votes, how could a cruel world like ours avoid global warming? Cold hearts might actually melt under the searing heat, leaving us some sort of Paradise, “greenhouse” effect creating a beautiful Garden of Eden. Who would want that? Don’t we all prefer instead the curse, wandering and homelessness, a place where we are all clothed in rags and left out in the cold, or in a barn or manger or drowning in a wintery and hopeless river of growing unpayable debt, where love is against the law, or something. Who could think this way? Jackasses!!! Will someone speak up against this madness???

Who would possibly have the faith to believe that men’s heads and hearts might naturally turn toward the swollen breasts of rich, happily independent, powerful, and radiant women, who are naturally and increasingly looking for superhuman sex! Certainly no “good Christian” I know, or have ever known for that matter! Rev 22:7-8; Luke 12:14; Rev 22:17 https://makeahighwayforgod.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/have-a-heart-let-us-place-a-value-on-children/ [see also: pro-choice-is-pro-life]

At risk of overwhelming the gravity of our situation, how can ANYONE ever take ANYONE seriously down here, in this cruel world, this dark dungeon, where 2/3 of the little ones, (these very great and precious promises which nobody but Abraham – and The Elijah – thought God cared enough to count: the “children of glory,”) are unnecessarily sacrificed before they leave the womb, and mercifully depart from this “God forsaken” place before their time?!

Let God be glorified, even here, because He has a wonderful sense of humor, showing His love to worthless creatures like us, who in ALL the nations are worth nothing, or even less than nothing at this end of time, the last stop of outer darkness. He revealed His love through Jesus’ great sacrifice! But who, I say “who” can actually follow someone who achieved success through getting Himself so utterly rejected, scorned, tortured and killed? Really!?

Those who call themselves “Christians” here are looking forward to being at the wedding supper of the Lamb. But who among them has ever considered the joke when you know “he who laughs last, laughs best.” You see, Christ has risen already, and ain’t nobody going to sacrifice Him again! Nobody.

Shhh! Nobody tell them that there is still a way of escape for the “Christian” even at this late time, or everyone might starve at the wedding feast of the lamb! (The 1/3 remaining of the little sheep don’t even know they are being “counted all day long as sheep to be slaughtered” even though that clown Saul, I mean Paul, said so.) And of course they never took John’s Revelation seriously enough to read the book aloud, to see and hear that they were blessed to be scheduled as the main course at The Great Supper of God. Who could ever understand this stuff? It must not be THAT important. Right? Rev 14:13 & 14: 17-20; Rev. 19:9 & 19:17-18)

Let us stand in awe of God’s Grace! Grace! – That is, if we can take real jokers with names like Zechariah, Zerubabbel and Einstein with a grain of salt. After all, what did they really know, anyway…?

If Christians actually started to wake up, what would happen at The Wedding Feast? Some strange lady named Marie, or the virgin Mary, or something like that, would probably offend and shame the Baptists, last that she would speak in public and actually have an opinion, but first shocked to discover she was even invited at all!

I can just hear her offer some ridiculous suggestion being offered like: “Well, let them eat cake!” But, the Master, not to be outdone would, of course, get the last Word in: “Yes Dear!”

And they would All live happily thereafter.

Poor Moses, only got to see Her backside, but I got to see Her front…and we both lived to tell about it. I think it just about killed me that nobody took me seriously either Moses, my friend. If they had only read your “Pre-Law” work in Eden, perhaps they could’ve understood that God actually meant what Ezekiel was given to say: “So I gave them other statutes that were not good and laws through which they could not live; defiled them through their gifts—the sacrifice of every firstborn—that I might fill them with horror so they would know that I am the Lord.”

Oh well, there is no difference, the wages of sin is only Death, and even the second Death won’t hurt me at all. Poor Moses, who ever took you seriously. At least I have my other old friend’s secret joke, the other “Edens” ringing in my ear all these years and still comforting me, tickling my heart. “Poor Joe!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The End.

P.S. Next thing you’ll know, I’ll be the Devil’s advocate. Oh, yeah, … been there, done that, January 10th, 2010. “Thank God I am not like him.” https://makeahighwayforgod.wordpress.com/the-restoration-of-lucifer/

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