Pro-Choice is Pro-Life

When I lived in Brooklyn (spring, 1987), my helper on the bus came to me at age 13 with a problem needing someone to talk with.  Actually, a bunch of problems… really big ones for a young adult.  “I need your help.”

  • She was pregnant, and made me promise I would NOT tell anyone.
  • Her ex-boyfriend was a drug dealer.
  • He had another girlfriend, also pregnant, and wanted the first baby aborted.
  • He had threatened to kill my helper if she kept the baby.

My very heartfelt response


  • I would tell you I will take the bullet, but I can’t promise I’ll be there.
  • I can’t imagine under your pressure and at your age what you are going through.
  • I’m stuck working 60-80hrs a week at this ministry, and I feel helpless for your sake.
  • I know abortion is killing your child, and if you don’t know it now, you certainly will once it’s over.
  • I can’t imagine you standing strong alone, so I’m expecting you to abort, and it’s then you’ll need help.
  • NO matter what happens, you can come here.
  • I love you and NOTHING is going to change that.  NOTHING.
  • I WILL accept you, without question, no matter what, and I will intercede for you until you experience the presence of Christ in forgiveness in your life and are set free from your tormented memories.
  • I’ve done this for another girl in Tennessee, and I’ll help you get through to.
  • I will NEVER think less of you.
  • You are courageous and brave, whatever you decide.”
“Joe, I need to see you.”
She kept the baby, amazingly to me, moving far away for a short time, to be raised by a relative in another nation.

I would never have known except she had gotten word to me through a note at my surprise birthday party: “Joe, I need to see you.”  I went there, an hour train ride to the worst ghettos in Brooklyn that night, not even knowing where she lived.  I asked around and found her, expecting the worst.  Instead, I got a huge hug… the little girl was named “Josephine,” the biggest reward in this life I had ever received.  I’m humbled to this day.  She should have been named K_______, after the bravest woman, a “mere” adolescent, that I have ever met.

NOW, Let the Willingness, The Forgiveness & the Healing begin:

Roe v. Wade, as written is terribly flawed and MUST be fixed, because it is ONLY the illusion of “choice,” and falsely promises “the empowerment of women.” This Supreme Court ruling re-enforced the continuous devaluation, enslavement and destruction of the value of ALL mankind which was long underway as a result of the corrupting force of the American Dollar (as well as the World Reserve Currencies that preceded it).

Because the U.S. Dollar IS FORCED ABORTION & the leading killer of mankind causing nakedness, famine and sword throughout the world, since 1913, the right of individuals to choose must NEVER be infringed for individual liberties to be realized.  Personal choices MUST be more firmly established for Life to be nourished, for Liberty to exist, and for the Pursuit of Happiness to become reality in society.

The fact is that the American Dollar, as it is made (2013), is forced abortion, and is demeaning to women and children.  It is a “debt & slavery” model which can and MUST be transformed into a “value & liberty” model for individual choice to become a reality,” and the beauty of the “global solutions” model is that women become liberated as children become valued, and men are set free to pursue their dreams as well.  It is a win, win, win situation whose time has come.

This decreasing value of mankind produced inhumane creatures of brute instinct, “survival of the fittest,” cannibalistic, behaving much like fish, meant only to be caught and destroyed.  And this nature is so profoundly set in place by the monetary system based upon unpayable-debt, that the ease of correcting the system and the wide-ranging uplifting effects of bringing correction to the financial system can be very difficult for a person to accept.  “Sounds too good to be true.”  In fact, it is rare to find a “person” who actually believes anything can really be done about a problem so big.

This skepticism is founded in ancient Greek thought, a useful tool for arguments, yet renders those who rely on their own understanding based in skepticism to a life-long trap of immaturity, unable to attain to maturity in Christ, to experience a fully pleasing heart-felt “epignosis” relationship with God.  Maturity is required in relationship with God, for the faith of Abraham to be realized, where God puts an end to all arguments, and establishes His will in our lives and throughout the earth. (Hebrews 6)

The path to maturity flows from Skepticism to Reason to Hope to Faith and ultimately to Love, and this Love is a an ever-increasing Love, that is as pleasurable, as it is also unshakable.  It is this Love that I have in relationship with God that causes me to boast that I know the Lord, and know I know the answers to the world’s biggest problems, no matter how my life situation may appear to others at the time.  I have been given some of the hidden manna, and admit the answers are ALL found in Christ.

[And, yet I see and hear the cattle “moo” unquestioningly onward toward the slaughterhouse day after day.  Foolishly, and in a state of unfeeling psychosis, living as if at peace, serving this powerful, unseen, force of corruption, this global financial trading system, this pyramid scheme that demands the sacrifice of the poor and needy, the weak and the helpless, and participating in this show of contempt for the Love of God and neighbor in the process, these cattle declare themselves with unbridled ignorance to be Christians, children of God and on their way to Heaven, all-the-while sentencing other cattle of “lesser state of faith” on their way to Hell and/or condemnation or contempt.]

Modification of the abortion laws [Roe v. Wade & Doe v. Bolton] are needed to keep abortion legal, yet with the only necessary legal basis for a woman to choose the future of her child, being the fact that the location of the child is within her body.  This ability to make life and death decisions at this point, is one of eminent domain, but this decision, so sacred because BOTH LIFE & LIBERTY (are in the balance and neither are to be sacrificed by the lifeless letter of law), MUST be hers, and not subject to the coercion of a corrupting value system.

Women MUST have liberty in their life choices, yet not by questioning the humanity of their children.  This destruction of the very person-hood of the child is foolishness and endangers the existence of all mankind.  A parallel example would be declaring an elephant conceptous in some mysterious way somehow not a pachyderm, and therefore not covered by laws that protect endangered species.

As provisioned by the “The New American Dollar Equal Rights Amendment,” the ability of women to control their own bodies and experience liberty to choose, (particularly when their children, once conceived are fully valued,) will not diminish, but actually increase, as they have both right and access to their little ones’ inheritance in the earth.  The mother will naturally have enough funds, incentive and ability to make an uncoerced choice regarding her situation.  Yet the person and value of her child would continue to be recognized, whatever her choice, whenever she decides, and regardless of her decision.

If she decides to discontinue the pregnancy of her child, a third party will administer the estate of the child, in the child’s best interest with respect and deference to the mothers’ decision.

Yet, for the child’s sake, another appointed caregiver will decide in terms of anesthesia and all other humane treatment which must be provided, funded from the child’s full share of inheritance, as we would mercifully provide hospice care for any other human at the hour of their death, and restore the health of the dying person if treatment is readily available (prenatal viability, etc.).  Sufficient funding would also be in place in terms of proper burial, memorial, and such practices for each child as is fitting for the individual community where the child was conceived.

It’s time to become humane again, recognizing our innate value in being made by and in the image of The Creator, and therefore, with rights inherent, not only on Earth, but becoming ready to grow up trustworthy even in the vast expanse of the universe.

By declaring the conception of a human child as the reproduction of something other than a person, Roe v. Wade & Doe v. Bolton set the precedent that ALL mankind were non-persons, essentially cattle of undeclared identity, to be controlled and killed at the whim of those who were in charge of the legal, financial, religious/ethical and other systems of the world.  This opened us ALL to the danger of becoming “food for the gods” as we venture beyond our planet and solar system, or even on Earth if they decide to feed on us at the time of Their choosing and for Their convenience.  (Bible-believing Christians who doubt this concept: Rev. 19:9-19 see “marriage supper of the Lamb” v. 9, and “The Great Supper” v. 17)

To reiterate, we MUST recognize the absurdity of declaring an elephant’s conceptus to be non-pachyderm, or a bald eagle’s egg somehow not subject to protection from Tyson or ConAgra.  This endangered species would then have no real protection, and their entire species classification would come into question.  This is particulary true for mankind, as mankind classified themselves as less than human and valueless at conception, and therefore voided any rights to claim any value as a species from conception onward to natural death.

To summarize the importance of correcting Roe v. Wade & Doe v. Bolton:  Regarding the case of restoring good and proper balance to mankind’s existence in relationship with God and Their creation, we Must alter course, and establish in law the declaration person-hood of humankind from conception on, while maintaining the individual right of the woman to choose to regulate and control the use of her body as her child is hers AND within her, for her alone to determine the value of her child in relationship with her life decisions.  This flaw in the law Must be removed, and our inherent value recognized for mankind to have a hope of any future existence, except for use by other species for their benefit.

To emphasize the importance of value: For the value of the conceived human child to be restored and recognizable in terms of value, each woman will need the liberty to freely make an informed and uncoerced decision of her own choosing.  For this to be realized we must go more deeply into law, and call into question the system of value exchange, i.e. the “monetary system.”  The change(s) necessary to correct the financial system, once brought about, will recognize value in each child, and indeed, mankind of any age, from conception to natural death, as being inherently valuable, with the right of inheritance in the Earth.  This system, based on value, instead of slave-making systems, based on unpayable debt, will be the pivotal key to grow into and maintain the realized vision of liberty and justice for ALL.



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