Seeking Signs

Sign: Knowing God is pleading the case of the fatherless to win it.

I won the Christian race in 2010, and was God’s instrument to see Lucifer finally restored in The End, bringing to a crescendo the praise of the glory of His Grace.  Paul had said we would judge the angels.  And to me, having won first prize among sinful men, first to be filled with “Christ in us” the Hope of glory, and prepared to plead the case of the Fatherless (i.e. our Father in Heaven), I was “given the Morning Star.”

Resistance is futile, when resisting the Patient Salvation insisted upon by Our Father and Mother in Heaven, as They paid the ultimate price in Their ONLY begotten Son.  They are tremendous investors.  People will be wise who wake up to this.

The attached poster (above) reveals the mystery of lawlessness, it’s connection to human sacrifice, and the true devastating effect on The Church, and Her connection to the Mystery of Godliness.  Because of this Mystery, in Revelation 10, and in the mature teachings from Hebrews 6 through 13, we are not without reason for Hope.  In fact Our Father is insistent in His will regarding Salvation, for the sake of the Glory of His Grace, and so much so, that the effect is Grace “squared” (Zechariah 4:6-10)!

Salvation belongs to our God and to the Lamb!

Poster: Declaration of Faith

Poster: ALL Before Breakfast

Poster: The Eternal Gospel Adam

Poster: Awakening the Bride


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