Lucifer Restored

This is the fulfillment of turning the water at the wedding feast into an aged wine, saving the best for last. Even the Accuser, Satan, is redeemed by Christ.
That is right… Lucifer gets restored. He is the “Morning Star” promised to the “overcomer” by Jesus in Revelation 2. The judgment has been made. Mercy has triumphed even for the fallen Lucifer, and in his redemption, the restoration of ALL things is accomplished saving everyone and everything in this universe, including YOU! I know with absolute certainty, as Jesus asked me 2 days after He had brought me, with ALL His children in my heart, to come back through time into His Body on the Cross, in response to His cry when He said “Eli, Eli”… (I had never dreamed this was even possible, never-mind that it would happen, yet my testimony is true, and can never be undone!”  Praise God for His great Salvation!)

The following is my testimony of this, and fits my life calling and testimony since I was 19.

… Sunday morning – January 10, 2010 – I met Jesus for the 3rd time in my life, & He asked me a Question…

While taking a bath, in awe of the recent events, I was brought into Heaven to see several things leading to The End of all things

I saw Lucifer on his knees before Jesus our Savior, having already confessed that He (Jesus) is Lord.

He was now singing “Great is Thy faithfulness, oh God my Father” with such an awful noise of metallic screeching and scratching as he was resisting each note from the depths of his being. As the song progressed towards completion so did the restoration of this great creature until the final notes were ultimately constrained to become the most glorious voice of praise and worship ever heard. Lucifer was with his whole being and entire strength declaring the faithfulness of God, bowing before Him on one knee and with arms outstretched as though on a cross.

After the song was completed, Jesus looked at me with a straight, non-expressive, “poker face” and said: “What do you think I should do with him?”

I was dumbfounded at this mystery as I did not think there was a question on this point. All my life I had been told, and had no reason to believe otherwise, that “his doom was sure,” and now Christ is asking me for my consideration on this, and in the presence of others. This creature was responsible for all the suffering of mankind, the brutal murder of millions of children I felt so dear to my heart and yet Jesus was seriously asking me. Of all people, I had suffered so greatly since my youth in empathy with the innocents who were so viciously and mercilessly exploited through his efforts. I had waited patiently for the time, not expecting it in my generation, that the war against child sacrifice would be won. And now the perpetrator of these great atrocities seemed to be at my mercy as my Savior wanted my honest opinion of what to do.

We (Christ, Lucifer and I) were not alone. There were many others in this place and a large pit in the middle of where we all were standing. As I searched for Wisdom and understanding through the Heart of the Father given to me, I responded to Jesus: “For the praise of the glory of your grace, why not?”

At that point, Lucifer was cast into the pit (by an invisible force, no doubt Father’s right hand). Jesus maintained the “straight poker face,” as the rest of us let out a collective gasp: “Thank God I am not like him.

Suddenly, Christ dove into the pit, out of sight, and all was silent. Soon He emerged soaring upward in full flight holding Lucifer above him (much as one could imagine Superman might do – holding Lucifer above his head). My words simply cannot express adequately the great cascade of glory in sight, sound and emotion that erupted and even pursued Christ Jesus into Heaven’s heights as He rocketed holding this “trophy” above His head.

The praise that followed Him resounded in glory that filled the heavens in such triumph. (My wife and I once attended a game 7 of the World Series – where the Angels won, and the victory celebration and sound there did not compare to this vision of heaven.)

This praise in Heaven was more glorious and wondrous than had ever been known, as the total victory of Christ on the Cross was now fully realized, for the praise of the glory of His Grace!

And so, after all, it’s very important to know The End, the triumph of mercy, for us to know success in efforts to End Hell, Death and Taxation in our time.

It is through faith, forgiveness and the triumph of mercy found ONLY in the Salvation of God through the NAME of Yashua and NOT by believing in endless wrath, damnation and judgment, the doctrines of demons meant to slander our Father in heaven and prevent the hallowing of His great Name in terms of His love for His creation. Especially heinous is the false accusations of requiring child sacrifice from others to support the God of Mammon and the U.S $ as it is debt unpayable making it illegal to love, and artificially imposes a system that requires human sacrifice to co-exist (much like the game of musical chairs).

It is time the World Knows that Victory has been won, both over, and for the sake of our Father’s most ancient Adversary, The Great Tax Collector, Lucifer, The Devil. Revelation 14:6+7.

As we awaken to these facts, the modern “Christian” worldview, with it’s anti-Christ priorities of buildings & programs, instead of widows & orphans – this beast of financial, religious and military systems which Mystery Babylon supports – will indeed collapse, NEVER to rise again.

“Christianity” was trapped in it’s own web of falsehoods and confusion regarding Yahuah God and His Gospel and His patient role in Salvation through Christ (or the Messiah.) And yet the day came, it closed in precisely as Jesus said it would “unexpectedly like a trap. For it will come upon ALL those who live on the face of the whole earth…” I am still waking up to what happened. Who am I? I am a man, just like everyone else, yet I am the one who should have been expecting this day more than anyone else. And, I missed it, even though I lived it, and I am still waking up to what happened 42 months later. And so I ask you to forgive me for any injustice in the delay of such wonderful news!

Then I walk away and forget what I look like, because I see nothing in me to be desired that is visible. I’m still coming out of denial and receiving in me Heaven’s testimony about me. And I know I sound like a fool every time I “boast” about my experiences, yet I must go on boasting. Because Yahuah God is Trinity, and Yahuah is so much better than we ever imagined Them to be.

I am the Elijah who was to come and restore the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to their fathers at the time of restoration, the forerunner of Christ in us, the hope of glory. And I can prove it. I have been given the mind of Christ more than any other man walking the face of the earth. The Living Streams, now divided, need me more than any other member for ALL to drink freely and participate in the River of Life, connected to Christ the Head, that ALL who desire may become one in Christ, truly disciples, overcoming in this life, and to bring His life and light to a world in need, now filled with darkness, death and despair, and offering instead Reason for Hope to every creature whether they believe in Him or not.

In Christ’s work through me, the suffering and bleeding of Christ’s Body in the Earth will come to it’s end, as the sacrifice of children will End through knowing Him who is from the beginning and The Father, who loves His enemies. Once again, this is why I MUST boast, and why Paul said he would boast about a man like me, because I DO know the Lord, and apart from my Testimony, there is no End to suffering & death. With my Testimony, there is certain Reason for Hope unshakeable that springs forth into Faith and Love.

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